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Whether you are starting from scratch, a plot of bare earth, or renovating an existing landscape, it all begins with the design.

Who We Are

We are a landscape design firm that creates lush, sustainable gardens that have low water needs & require very little maintenance; our designs are both habitat and people friendly.

What We Do

Creating a landscape design is a co-creation between our clients, the landscape and our design knowledge…we are great listeners.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create beautiful, sustainable landscapes. Guiding the process from start to finish.

This is our process; we translate your dreams and desires into a living landscape.

Roberta Walker - Bio

A landscape designer from Northern California, Roberta Walker has been featured in Sunset magazine and has been in segments of HGTV’s “Gardening by the Yard” as well as the documentary “Becoming California.”

A designer of more than 1,000 gardens, she was on the 2010 design team for Sacramento’s Habitat for Humanity that received the National Green Build Award for their energy- and water-efficient homes.

A former graphic designer and painter with an exquisite sense of color and form,
Walker has developed design methods and a large plant palate for what she calls the “New Landscape”—a drought-tolerant, bird and butterfly friendly garden that requires little water or maintenance yet gives beauty, texture and an ever-changing tapestry of color throughout the year.

Kimberly Marshall

Kimberly Marshall has an education in Environmental Horticulture with a degree in Landscape Design and Nursery Practice. She worked for a wholesale production nursery where she learned a great deal about plant identification, growth habits, cultural requirements, etc. She stayed in this field for 6 ½ years before entering the Landscape Design field. After graduating in Landscape Design, Marshall came to work with Roberta Walker Landscape Design.

Laura Halpenny

Meet our newest designer! Laura Halpenny has an education in Horticulture & as well as a degree in Landscape Design Technology. She’s learned a great deal about landscape design techniques, plant identification, soils and sustainable landscaping. She interned with Roberta Walker throughout her studies. She has adopted Roberta’s strategy of landscape problem solving and creates low-water designs that provide a beautiful and functional oasis for homeowners’ yards. She works closely with clients and listens to design requests to meet their needs and goals. In her free time, she enjoys nature through trail hiking with her husband and dog throughout California.

Our Services

When you decide you would like to have a design drawn for your landscape, the first step is a consultation with one of our designers, We will look at your yard and listen to your thoughts about what you’d like in your yard. We will discuss the different elements that you are looking for: plants, dining area, vegetable garden, water feature, outdoor dining, children’s play area, etc.. As we look around we will notice the sun and shade exposures of your yard, the existing trees and foliage, any views of the neighbors, the grade (flat, raised, terraced, etc.) and any other details that will lend themselves to what is to come. We will also consider any existing problems such as drainage, rotting decks and retaining walls and faulty irrigation systems.

The cost of a full landscape design starts between $1,700 - $3,500 per view depending on the designer you work with.

We consider each view a separate fee. For instance the front yard would be one fee and the back yard, another. In some cases side yards are very large and will require an additional fee. Large acreage lots and parcels will be considered according to the time and detail that will go into it. The total fee will be determined at the time of the consultation. Likewise, if one of your yards are much smaller, then we would adjust our prices accordingly.

A deposit of 50% is taken at the first meeting, and the balance is due upon plan completion. When the plan is complete we will go over all the details, the plants, the lighting, the hard surfaces such as the rock, retaining walls and everything else that is included in your plan. We will recommend landscape contractors for you to start getting bids (estimates for the installation of your new garden). If one of our recommended contractors are chosen for the job, then we will be there, at your home, to “stage,” or set the plants, and do a walk-through at the completion of the landscape. We are available throughout the process for information or support.

For a complicated design a preliminary drawing may be necessary to insure that the plan is developing the way you would like it to. A preliminary sketch is an additional $175.

Consultations without a design are also available.

The consultation rate with Roberta Walker is: $325 per hour or with Kimberly Marshall: $225 per hour & Laura Halpenny $175 per hour

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