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Another Before & After

Imagine your landscape looks like the first photo. You drive up every day to this patch of grass and a tree, a couple of shrubs. Every weekend you haul out the lawnmower (or have your mow and blow guy come by). It’s not very inspiring, but you do it to keep things maintained. Now look at the second photo…color, texture, birds, butterflies! The landscape changes with the seasons. The maintenance is some pruning a few times a year and a periodic checking of the drip system. It’s beautiful and inspiring. When you drive up to your home and see something inspiring instead of something that’s just there to maintain, something wonderful happens…inspiration works on many levels; let’s say that you’re not be in a great mood, but then you pull up and see the beauty of nature – in your OWN yard. Now that’s something that is not quantifiable! By making the change from lawn to no-lawn, you’ll not only be conserving water, creating a new habitat for the local flying habitat, but it will make you FEEL GOOD!

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