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Soil is the key to the life in your garden or landscape. As a landscape designer, I don’t have to time to do soil tests on my individual client’s soil… and normally my client’s don’t either. When it comes time for the new plants to be planted, the contractor brings in a soil/compost planting blend to give the plants a good start. But what about after that…years down the line? How do you add back into the soil the nutrients that the plants have absorbed and leeched out? You do it by composting and mulching. A year ago I bought a leaf chipper and it’s the most wonderful way to recycle all of those fall leaves! Trees spread their canopies of leaves over our heads and homes protecting us from the heat of summer and also providing shelter for birds and small animals. In the fall the leaves dry and fall. If you gather them and chip them, they can be spread throughout your garden beds as much and work again by adding nutrients back into the soil. It’s the perfect recycle system!
Recently I read about Sherilyn Powell’s Compost Tea. She is based in Los Angeles and has a service that services folk’s soil, and she is does it with compost tea. Want to find out more about this? Her website is: Above is an article she wrote about what is in the soil…all the little helpers that make your garden soil healthy! Just click on ‘Soil’.

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